Learning to Do Trauma-informed Therapy

Getting Started Right.

As your consultant, I can help you get off to a good start with your client(s) from the first phone call.  I can help you assess for dissociation and create a sound treatment plan to treat dissociation. I can help you apply what you’ve learned in your training, to clients in the real world. I love case consultation, and find it exciting to apply what I know to the clients who are depending on you.

Learn Case Conceptualization.

By far, the MOST IMPORTANT reason to hire a good consultant is to learn accurate CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION.  In my experience, it took about ten years to really master a trauma-informed therapy model. I had to accept that memories of trauma and neglect–lead to beliefs about the world and the self–which then lead to intractable patterns and symptoms. Then, I had throw out a lot of what I had learned about what causes change. I was taught empathy and understanding create change.  And they do, up to a point!  Up to the point where traumatic memories are completely unreachable with words. Then we need more–EMDR and Parts models work on the memories and beliefs that hide deep in the psyche. 

EMDR case conceptualization involves looking at a client’s memories, organizing them by theme, and then hypothesizing about what symptoms might be related to those themes.  And then, we create a plan to target and reprocess those memories which stand in the way of the client’s freedom. But why is it that sometimes EMDR doesn’t work, or only works part way? That’s where Structural Dissociation and Internal Family Systems come in. They are both ‘Parts’ models that work with complex trauma in specific ways. How do we fit these three models together to help our clients in a beautiful and seamless way? That is what I can help you with in consultation.


My fee for consultation is $190. If you work in community mental health and would like to request a lower fee, please discuss it with me in our first phone call. Email me with questions!