EMDRIA Approved Consultant in Training Group begins 2/18/20

If you are an EMDRIA Certified Therapist who wants to take your skills and credentials to the next level, there is one spot available in my alternate Tuesday 1-2 PM PST group. First meeting of the 20 required is 2/18/20. You must be trauma-informed, and have studied and learned parts work. Email me with questions.

Details: I have two groups of three beginning in February. If you can’t make it one week, you can do a makeup in the following week, at the alternate time. (A max of 4 participants in a group at one time.) Tuesday and Wednesday groups will meet on alternate weeks to keep this makeup option open, Tuesday 1-2 pm, Wednesday 2-3 pm. We will meet for 60 minutes, via Zoom.us. If you haven’t consulted with me before, time to sign up with Zoom. It’s free for you. My personal meeting ID is 891-038-7666.

At three members per group, splitting my fee, the fee is $65/group.
Now is the time to read the EMDRIA guidelines, to make sure that you keep them in mind as you build your consulting practice.
Also, even though Zoom is the most reliable platform for video conferencing, now is the time to make sure your internet is as fast as possible. It is frustrating to have interruptions in communication. Also, transmission is helped by closing all the programs you are not using during our conference call.
Alternate Tuesdays 1-2 PM (starts February 18):
Alternate Wednesdays 2-3 PM (starts February 12, cancel 2/26/20, resume 3/11/20):
You will need a total of 20 groups–so that’s over approximately 40 weeks, give or take,¬†because of vacations, holidays. You will have to pay for 20 groups, but if you miss one, and can makeup that group by attending the other group (space allowing), you would not have to pay extra for the makeup one.
You will need to complete an online CIT Declaration form before we start. Also, you must study and comply with the guidelines here: https://www.emdria.org/page/51

Email me with questions.

EMDRIA Approved Consultant-in-Training Groups

This is a group which will meet for an hour on alternate weeks. Cost is $65. If you are already an EMDRIA Certified Therapist, and want to bump it up to the next level, this is the way to do that. These groups will meet via Zoom cloud video. Please note: I will only accept students who have extensive knowledge of Phase-Oriented Trauma Treatment for these groups.