Master Class | It’s All Parts Work: Healing Complex Trauma & Dissociation | Beginning February 2021!

This challenging 11 month course is designed to help you deepen your skills so you can treat Complex PTSD and Structural Dissociation with confidence. We will meet via Zoom, once/month for 11 months, and members will meet on alternate weeks to practice new skills and discuss tough cases. Space is limited. Please note: Some knowledge of treating trauma, EMDR, and Internal Family Systems are all preferred, though not strictly required. Email me with a brief summary of your training experience if you are interested in this course, before signing up on

We will read and discuss the most important books in the field of trauma-informed care; study assessment along the dissociative spectrum, learn affectively-attuned psychoeducation, stabilization methods, attachment repair, and trauma resolution. You must sign up for the whole series, and commit to digging in and practicing these skills!

Why this course? Over the years, I have realized my consultation groups are not enough immersion for many people to go from a basic knowledge of, to the practice of trauma-informed, phase-oriented treatment. This program is designed to bridge the gap between a cerebral understanding of trauma-informed therapy and getting this material in your body. It will include lecture, demonstrations, and practice with colleagues.

Curriculum: You will learn a comprehensive curriculum infused with an awareness of Self and therapist parts: assessment, stabilization, attachment repair, and trauma processing, as well as some focus on shaping one’s ideal private practice (with or without a consulting component). Structural Dissociation, IFS, EMDR, Flash Technique, along with a taste of several other parts theories will be utilized.

Between Sessions: Group members read (or re-read) The Body Keeps the Score, Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors, My Grandmother’s Hands, as well as other resources along the way. Also between meetings, members will meet with other members by phone or video, to do consultations on each other’s challenging cases, and to practice techniques presented in the course as both client and therapist.

Schedule: Alternate Wednesdays 10-12 noon PST, beginning February 10, 2021, ends January 2022.

Cost: $95 for each two-hour whole group meeting (payable the week we meet)

Email me with questions or to save your space for this series

Learning to Do Trauma-informed Therapy

Getting Started Right.

As your consultant, I can help you get off to a good start with your client(s) from the first phone call.  I can help you assess for dissociation and create a sound treatment plan to treat dissociation. I can help you apply what you’ve learned in your training, to clients in the real world. I love case consultation, and find it exciting to apply what I know to the clients who are depending on you.

Learn Case Conceptualization.

By far, the MOST IMPORTANT reason to hire a good consultant is to learn accurate CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION.  In my experience, it took about ten years to really master a trauma-informed therapy model. I had to accept that memories of trauma and neglect–lead to beliefs about the world and the self–which then lead to intractable patterns and symptoms. Then, I had throw out a lot of what I had learned about what causes change. I was taught empathy and understanding create change.  And they do, up to a point!  Up to the point where traumatic memories are completely unreachable with words. Then we need more–EMDR and Parts models work on the memories and beliefs that hide deep in the psyche. 

EMDR case conceptualization involves looking at a client’s memories, organizing them by theme, and then hypothesizing about what symptoms might be related to those themes.  And then, we create a plan to target and reprocess those memories which stand in the way of the client’s freedom. But why is it that sometimes EMDR doesn’t work, or only works part way? That’s where Structural Dissociation and Internal Family Systems come in. They are both ‘Parts’ models that work with complex trauma in specific ways. How do we fit these three models together to help our clients in a beautiful and seamless way? That is what I can help you with in consultation.


My fee for consultation is $190. If you work in community mental health and would like to request a lower fee, please discuss it with me in our first phone call. Email me with questions!


Consultation Groups I Recommend

Cathy Hanville, LCSW | Online Consultation Groups

EMDR consultation groups available with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community.

-Meets the 4th Thursday of each month, 9-1030 AM PST. For LGBTQ+ Clinicians recently training in EMDR.

-Meets the 2nd Friday of each month from 9-1030 AM PST. For LGBTQ+ Clinicians with experience with EMDR and trauma treatment.

For more information or email Cathy Hanville, LCSW at

Become a Trauma-informed Psychotherapist

Focussed Attention for You and Your Clients

I combine an extensive knowledge of EMDR with a number of ‘Parts’ models, to meet the needs of clients across the spectrum–from those who are adequately resourced and simply have a number of traumas to process, to those who are dissociative with extensive histories of abuse and neglect. I have the conviction that accurate assessment at the beginning of treatment and throughout, is an essential skill that every clinician who treats trauma must master. I draw from attachment theory, Internal Family Systems, Structural Dissociation, and Schema Therapy, as well as EMDR Therapy, in order to tailor each treatment plan to your client’s needs. I also teach the Ideal Parent Protocol, many many methods of Resourcing, and Sandra Paulsen’s Preverbal Trauma Protocol. I recommend lots of learning resources along the way, including the trainings I have found most rewarding.

When you are up to speed with Trauma-informed approaches, you will be eligible to join my, a site that offers client referrals, to therapists who are trauma-informed.

-My fee is $200. For ongoing group learning, you may wish to join one of my group consultations.

Email me if you have questions I have not answered here!


Ongoing Consultation Groups

Integrative Trauma Treatment Case Consultation (via Zoom)

My groups include lots of cases, a layering of theoretical approaches, and room for therapists to grow into effective trauma-informed clinicians. I practice and teach an Integrative Trauma Treatment Model, which emphasizes the following skills: assessment along the dissociative spectrum, affectively attuned psychoeducation, stabilization, attachment repair, and trauma resolution, using either Internal Family Systems (IFS) or EMDR/Flash Technique. I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist as well as an EMDR International Consultant. I integrate both of these models into my work with therapists.

Members take turns presenting cases and asking questions. I integrate Internal Family Systems (IFS), Structural Dissociation, EMDR Therapy, Flash Technique, as well as tons of other models into my consultation.  Many methods of resourcing, trauma processing, and just good clinical judgement and assessment, will be woven into your learning here. I also share readings, videos, and information about trainings I think will be useful along the way. If you aren’t following me on my Facebook page, you may want to consider it as a way to stay in touch, hear about upcoming training opportunities, and new trauma treatment tools.


Second Thursday 9-11 AM PST on Zoom. This group is for therapists who are learning to treat trauma and dissociation from a number of theoretical perspectives. It is an ongoing discussion of cases, EMDR/Flash Technique, Structural Dissociation, and Internal Family Systems. This group is full. Cost $90/group


 -Second Friday 12-2 PST on Zoom.  This group is for therapists who are learning to treat trauma from a number of theoretical perspectives.  It is an ongoing discussion of cases, EMDR/Flash Technique, Structural Dissociation, and Internal Family Systems. This group has two openings. Please email me if you are interested. Cost $90/group


-Alternate Tuesday Cloud Video Conference. 11-12 noon PST. This is for therapists who are interested in learning how to treat trauma from a number of theoretical perspectives, including EMDR/Flash Technique, Structural Dissociation, and Internal Family Systems (IFS). This group has one opening now. Please email me if it sounds like the right group for you. Cost is $45/hour session


Please email me if you have questions or would like to join us.  Once I confirm your spot via email, I will send you a document with all the details–how to pay, where we meet, how to join the video conference, etcetera! If you are looking for an EMDRIA Approved Consultant training, go here. Email Colleen here.

Guidelines for Presenting Cases

Though I am not rigid about this format, it does help us use our time together most efficiently. Please consider prepping your case beforehand.
In general, if you presented last time, let others have a chance first.
Please answer these questions IN ORDER:
1-Start with basic demographics of the client, age, gender, employed, married, anything else unusual or relevant?
2-What was their presenting problem when they first started with you, how long have you seen them, and how frequently do you see them now? Do you have limited sessions with them?
3-Why are you presenting them today? (focus your question, as best you can)
4-Then give us more history to flesh out the case, so we get the feeling/texture of the client.

EMDRIA Approved Consultant Training: Interested?

If you are an EMDRIA Certified Therapist who wants to take your skills and credentials to the next level, this may be the next right step for you. You must be trauma-informed, and have studied and learned parts work.

CIT groups will meet for 60 minutes, every other week, via, for a total of 20 sessions. The first third of the meetings focus on case conceptualization, the second third on teaching/trouble shooting the standard protocol for your future consultees, and the last third on your own consultation work with individuals or groups.

Group time: As per EMDRIA guidelines, by the end of our 20 weeks, you will have consulted with 5 different clinicians. During the group, I have you consult on each other’s cases. If you get stuck, I step in. It’s a chance to own what you know. At the beginning, I can collaborate with you. Besides the clinical focus, I also offer support and encouragement to begin your own consulting practice, both individual and group. You will also present cases on which you have been consulting, to talk about the clinical content as well as any relational dynamics that are relevant.

You can also ask any questions, clinical or other, anytime!
Fees: $55 for 4 group members.
Preparation: Now is the time to read the EMDRIA guidelines, to see if you qualify!
Also, even though Zoom is the most reliable platform for video conferencing, now is the time to make sure your internet is as fast as possible. It is frustrating to have interruptions in communication. Also, transmission is helped by closing all the programs you are not using during our conference call.
You will need to complete an online CIT Declaration form before we start. Also, you must study and comply with the guidelines here:

Email me with questions!

Individual Consultation

The way we learn a trauma-informed paradigm…

Cultivate SELF-COMPASSION and BEGINNER’S MIND. We therapists TALK about EVERYTHING. It is how we stay effective with our clients and how we stay balanced and full of compassion. My individual and group consultation is supportive, full of heart, and can also be fun. I cultivate an atmosphere of self-compassion, so we are all free to try out ideas, make mistakes, and eventually find our way back to the next right intervention.

Learn to treat TRAUMA effectively. EMDR is one way to heal trauma, but as many of you know, it is far from magic. Many clients need a period of preparation before they can safely process their memories, and for some, EMDR may not ever be the best approach for their healing. Assessing your clients in a careful yet intuitive way can help you avoid many clinical setbacks, and offer your clients the best possible treatment. I am now using Internal Family Systems, Structural Dissociation, and Schema Therapy methods to address my client’s distress, and I can lead you to the right approach for you and your clients.

Group Consultation via Zoom video conferencing or face-to-face in El Cerrito


-Individual Consultation video conferencing or face-to-face/Fee $200


Group Consultation Openings here