Therapy Intensives with Colleen

I enjoy doing therapy intensives with people who can’t come on a weekly basis, due to their schedules (or mine) or the fact that they live too far away. I have set aside blocks of time for this purpose. An intensive runs for 105 minutes (two clinical hours, plus a little) and the fee is $400. If you are in town for a week, we can set up two of these double sessions.  It is also a way to resolve a difficult dilemma, make a hard decision, or address a persistent pattern in your life. Longer sessions can be a more efficient use of time and money; they have a longer arc and can go deeper than a 50 minute session.

Send me an email if you would like to know if this approach could work for you. Then we will set up a time for a phone call, so that I can assess if this sort of schedule will address your issues. If I need more time to get to know you, we can schedule a 50 minute Zoom video conference session to do that, fee $200.

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Therapy Intensives with Colleen

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